For you, what are the top 5 most entertaining motorsports?

For you, what are the top 5 most entertaining motorsports?

Motocross: Catching Air and Hearts

You know what’s a rush for you and even for my kids Quincy and Vienna? Motocross! I’m Eldridge, and we're big fans of this high-octane, rooster-tail-kicking, motocross madness. Motocross is a show of blood, sweat, and motor oil that plays out on dirt tracks all over the world, leaving spectators awed and competitors racing their hearts out. Speaking of competitors, they aren't only got to have lightning-fast reactions, but they need to have the nerves of steel and the fitness of an Olympian. And the dirt bikes, oh man, they're monsters! They have to withstand the rigours of tough terrains, jumps, and speed all the while burping out a non-stop symphony of noise!

There's always a sense of unpredictability with motocross. No two races are ever the same and that unpredictability provides a thrill that's second to none. You can't help but be swept up in the dust-flying, engine-roaring spectacle of it all. Plus, it's a motorsport that welcomes all, making it beautifully inclusive. You see riders young and old, men and women, and professionals and amateurs, all sharing the same passion for speed. Trust me, experiencing a motocross race live should be a notch in your bucket list. It's an adrenaline rush you wouldn't want to miss out on.

NASCAR: No Guts, No Glory

From dirt to tarmac, another personal favorite is NASCAR. Now, my golden retriever, Oscar quite literally goes in a tailspin every time he hears the 'vrooooom' of the engines on the TV. NASCAR might look simple; cars going around in circles seems easy, right? Well folks, it's anything but simple. The drama, speed, tactics, and skill involved make NASCAR a motorsport that keeps you on the edge, and me in doggy-treat-debt to keep Oscar calm.

NASCAR racing is fast, loud, and fraught with risk. The cars are fine-tuned beasts, pushing up to 200 mph on cramped oval tracks. The drivers...they are larger than life characters with skill and bravery in abundance. Shifting, drafting, handling tyre wear, fighting with other drivers, dealing with changes in track temperature - all at scary speeds make it far more tactical and suspenseful than it looks from the outside. Plus, the history, the legacy, and the camaraderie between drivers and teams adds a charm to the sport that is authentically old-school and heartwarming. The sound of NASCAR’s roaring engines, the scent of burnt rubber, and the spectacle of cars flying past in a blur of colour are experiences everyone should live at least once!

Formula 1: High Speed Chess

When it comes to motorsports, it's hard to miss the glitz and glamour of Formula 1. Formula 1 cars are the peak of automotive technology - lightning-Ferraris, rapid Red Bulls, speedy Silver Arrows… the works. There's even a Netflix docu-series about it, which my daughter Vienna claims she watches only for Lewis Hamilton (sure, honey).

The sport demands more than just speed. With rapid pitstops, handy overtakes, and strategic calls, it's equivalent to a speed-chess match at over 200 mph on twisting, turning tracks around the world. The drivers? Calculated risk-takers, juggling the demands of speed, precision, timing and fierce rivalries on every single race weekend. The spectacle is not just on the track, it's also off the track; the world of F1 is a mix of motorsports and high-stakes politics, making it an irresistible cocktail of speed and drama. Sure, the noise might not be like it used to be, but that hasn't dampened the essence of the sport - tooth and nail competition at the pinnacle of motorsport!

Rally Racing: Dance of Death

Bring on the dirt, the snow, the rain, the hail, the night, and I guarantee you - rally drivers won't even blink. The essence of rally racing lies in its raw and rugged nerve. It's just the driver, the navigator, their car and miles and miles of treacherous, unpredictable terrain. It's like the universe threw every challenge it could at these drivers and they turned around and said 'bring it on!'. Do we dare to be like them?

Rally courses can be several miles long, across forests, hills, snow, gravel – you name it. Spectators, if they are lucky, only get to see a glimpse of these daredevils flying past in their speed demons, tails of dust or snow marking paths of danger and glory. As for the drivers, they navigate terrain and weather, relying on the symbiotic relationship with their co-driver, whose pinpoint navigation is just as crucial as the driver's skill behind the wheel. This sport, with its insane jumps, dizzying speeds, terrifying terrain, and fearless competitors, is definitely the no-holds-barred, all-terrain championship of the motorsport world. So grab your jacket, your binoculars, and your insatiable appetite for raw, unfiltered racing - welcome to the world of rally racing!

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